Q1.How can I reserve rooms?
A1.You must first sign in to reserve a room. After receiving an e-mail, please log-in by typing registered e-mail address and a password.
Then, you will be able to log-in and view hotel accommodation menu. You may reserve many rooms as possible, but please be sure to type in each guests name.

Q2.Can I reserve these hotels in any other way?
A2. We are more than happy to accept by email and will reserve a room on your behalf. You will receive confirmation and invoice by email. Please note that room availability changes frequently, so the room might become full due to some time lag.

Q3. Can I reserve for the dates not shown on reservation page?
A3. Please feel free to contact us by providing hotel name and dates by either e-mail.
We will reserve the room for you.

Q4. The room seems to be full. Can I be on a waiting list for cancellation?
A4.We do not hold a waitinglist. Please come back to the site to check for room availability.

Q5.Does the hotel provide internet service?
A5. They have wifi at the hotel.

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