We, Nippon Travel Agency (NTA) Okayama branch , welcome the participants of 2018 Summer School in Okayama to be held from July 1st - July 14th, 2018.

Online application/registration is finished on March 7 (Wed.), 2018 (18:00 JST:UTC+9)
but you can proceed with the online credit card payment by clicking on "Payment" button on the left side of this page.

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* Important Note about Scholarship:
No scholarship Opportunity for students from Non-partner institutions.

If you are not the student enrolled in one of the partner institution of Okayama University, you are Not considered as a candidate for JASSO Scholarship, as mentioned in "Guidelines for Applicants".
If you think you meet the scholarship criteria, please enter your scholarship application request in the "Comment" field on the Registration page.
Even if you are not eligible for scholarship, but still want to join this summer school, please proceed to submit the documents requested.
If you are not sure whether your university belongs to one of partner institutions of Okayama University, please refer to the sites below or contact Okayama University.

Partner Universities with international exchange agreement

AUN (ASEAN University Network) member universities
(as for the universities of China and Korea listed in "+3 Member Universities",
please contact Okayama University)

** We have changed your payment procedure (process & due date) a bit, so please check it below in Registration.

*** We have temporarily suspended our hotel reservation system, but we will secure the rooms for the successful canditates. So you do not need to rush to book accommodation by yourself. Please wait for the contact from Nippon Travel Agency.


Online Application Due:  
First deadline: February 14 (Wed.), 2018 (18:00 JST:UTC+9)
Second deadline: March 7 (Wed.), 2018 (18:00 JST:UTC+9)

Tuition and Fees: 108,000JPY

NOTICE : Registration - You can make ONE REGISTRATION per student ( account ).
You must send the copy of your ①current enrollment certificate, ②an academic transcript, ③English proficiency papers (non-native speaker of English),④ your passport copy (photo page) and ⑤the questionnaire below to us by email attachment after completion of your online registration.
✽The receiver's email address:
(Please include "" in CC when you email them)

Basic Registration fee includes:
  ♦Application fee
  ♦Tuition fee
  ♦Field Trips:
  ♦1 night hotel charge on July 7 in Kurashiki: Kurashiki Station Hotel

Airline ticket, transportation fee from the airport to Okayama University, accommodation except for hotel on July 7 in Kurashiki, optional excursions and all personal expenses such as travel insurance, food, etc.

Application Acceptance Result:

The application acceptance result will be announced as follows,
First period: Thursday, March 1, 2018
Second period: Thursday, March 22, 2018

■After receiving Application Acceptance Notice, please pay your registration fee.
You can choose to pay either the full amount of 108,000JPY in one lump sum or application fee of
40,000JPY as a down payment within 2 weeks after receiving the notice.
Your registration will NOT be completed until the payment is made.

The final deadline of the payment for the balance is Friday, June 8, 2018.

We can not deduct Scholarship from the registation fee, so those who apply for scholarship will also be asked to pay full registration fee by the due date.
Scholarship will be handed to you in person at Okayama University after your attendance for the program is confirmed on and after the second week.

■On-line Payment is available concerning the payment of full registration fee
and accommodation fee.
As for the application fee of 40,000JPY, please find, fill in and fax the Credit Card Form in "Payment method page" or choose bank transfer method.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Basic Registration Fee: The same as the hotel cancellation policy below.
If you cancell your registration before June 8th, all fees paid will be refunded to you after deduction of bank charges.

Hotel Reservation

Application due:   April 23 (Mon.), 2018 (18:00 JST:UTC+9)
==> extended until May 21st.

✽Please click "Accommodations" on the left.
✽Login is not necssary to browse the Accommodation page.
✽Reservation and payment can be completed on this website.
✽Reservation confrimation/bill will not be sent to you by postal mail.
✽Please give your name at the front desk when you check-in.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
“Cancellation date” is the date Nippon Travel Agency receives your cancellation notice.
If you send your cancellation notice while our office is closed, it will be received on the next business day.
[ Cancellation Fee for Hotel Reservation  ]

Cancellation DateCancellation Fee
21 days or more prior to check-in dateNo charge
20 - 8 days prior to check-in date20% of accommodation fee
7 - 2 days prior to check-in date30% of accommodation fee
1 day prior to check-in date50% of accommodation fee
On check-in date 100% of accommodation fee
No show 100% of accommodation fee

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Secretariat (Program/Activity, Visa, Language requirements)

「Summer Program Office」
Mariko Uzuka, Professor, Program Coodinator
Okayama University / Center for Global Partnerships and Education
2-1-1, Tsushima-Naka, Kita-ku, Okayama
700-8530 Japan

Inquiries (Registration, Accommodations, other options)

Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd
Okayama Branch Chu-shikoku Convention Group
2-1-7,Ekimae-cho,Kita-ku, Okayama, 700-0023 Japan
In Charge: Mike Kitatsugi (NTA Business Solutions)
Direct : +81-90-8129-7623 FAX : +81-6-4796-3737

Guidelines for applicants

2018 Summer School in Okayama

1-14 July, 2018

“SETOUCHI - Its Natural Environment and Society”
Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Okayama University
1.Purpose of the 2018 Summer School in Okayama
The SETOUCHI region, where Okayama University is located, is in the central part of western Japan, facing the Seto Inland Sea, which has about three thousand islands. The inhabitants of the region have led their own way of life since ancient times. Thanks to its rich natural resources, beautiful nature, and convenient location on shipping routes, this region used to be economically flourishing and a unique culture developed. However, urbanization and industrialization have polluted the sea and islands. Younger people have also been giving up an inconvenient life style and moving to cities for better opportunities. Thus, Setouchi is confronted by serious environmental and social issues, such as sea and river pollution, and the difficulties concerned with a super-aged society living in old mountain villages, etc.
This two-week summer program aims to provide students from all around the world with opportunities to learn about the Setouchi region and to advance the SDGs with a clear picture of Setouchi’s past, present and future through a lecture series, concerning topics such as the revitalization of mountain villages, tourism in a small island, community involvement in the historical town, Kurashiki, the Setouchi Art Festival, and its influence on local people’s lifestyles.
In addition to actively participating in special lectures (in English), participants will be expected to do a weekend of independent field work in Kurashiki, where they will stay on July 7th and will visit Naoshima island for the final fieldwork on July 11. Japanese Language classes are also available. After fieldwork students will prepare presentations on selected topics to be presented at the Summer Student Forum in 2018.

2.About Okayama University
Okayama University is a top-class national research university with over 140 years of history. We have 11 faculties, 7 graduate schools, and offer a variety of stimulating programs for students interested in all fields of study. At Okayama University, you can gain a unique learning experience which will positively impact the future success of your academic and professional career.
Not only the Okayama ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) project, a multi-stake holder platform including Okayama city and Okayama University, was awarded the UNESCO-Japan Prize for ESD in 2016 but Okayama City received also the UNESCO Learning city Award in 2017.
Furthermore, Okayama University has had the special honor of being one of the few higher education institutions selected by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a Super Global University.

3.About Okayama
Okayama, is known as the “Land of Sunshine” because of its good weather. It has a reputation for being safe from natural disasters and the crime rate is low. The terrain within the city is flat so it is easy to get around by bicycle. The university is conveniently located near to Okayama station, which is a central hub. You can get to Kyoto in 60 minutes and to Tokyo in three and a half hours by bullet train.

4.Details about Okayama University Summer Program 2018
●Period:July 1, 2018 (Sunday) – July 14 2018, (Saturday)
●Certificate & Credit:
Those who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate and 3 credits from the Center for Global Partners and Education, Okayama University.

●Total number of participants: 45 maximum (Minimum number 20)
If the total number of applicants who qualify to take the course does not meet the minimum required number, this summer program may be cancelled. The decision about whether or not this program will be carried out will be made and announced by May 25, 2018 (Friday).
●Program Contents:
2018 Summer Program Schedule (Tentative)

This program offers many opportunities to learn about the natural environment and society from the point of view of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and to conduct field work in Kurashiki city and on Naoshima Island.
A) Lecture Topics: SDGs, Setouchi’s natural environment, Satoyama conservation, Social issues in Setouchi, Community learning center, Living with cultural heritage, Sustainable tourism development, Naoshima’s contemporary art and architecture, etc.
B) Japanese Language Program (Novice-Intermediate)
C) Field Work: Historical areas in Kurashiki city & Naoshima Island.
D) Optional excursions (A visit to a hot spring (Onsen), Hiroshima, or Himeji)
NOTE: Fees for the optional excursions are not included in our calculation of tuition fees.

5.Eligibility of Application
Undergraduate students who are studying in universities with which Okayama University has an agreement for academic or student exchange will be given priority.
Undergraduate students from other overseas higher education institutions are also encouraged to apply. However, such candidates cannot be considered as candidates for the JASSO scholarship.

6.Language Requirements
Since English is the medium language of instruction in this program, students are required to be proficient in English. Students who are non-native speaker of English must submit one of the following documents as proof of English proficiency,
TOEFL iBT 61 or above
IELTS 5.5 with an equivalent mark of the CEFR B2 level or above
Other English test scores which can be considered as equivalent to the CEFR B2 level or above.
NOTE: CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
* If you have any questions regarding this English proficiency requirement, please contact our program coordinator (see #13).

7.Summer Program tuition and fees
● Tuition & Fees    108,000 JPY
●Accommodation (Options available – Prices vary)
    48,000 (twin room) – 50,400 (single room) JPY
NOTE: The above costs exclude the cost of air tickets, transportation fees from the airport to Okayama University, as well as all personal expenses such as travel insurance, food, etc.

8.Scholarship Opportunity for Students from Partner Institutions:
Students who are applying from one of our partner institutions and have an academic record of good standing are encouraged to apply for our scholarship program (80,000 JPY).
The official transcript from our partner institutions submitted with students’ applications for this Summer Program will be referred to when consideration is given to which students satisfy the criteria for the scholarship. The award decision will be made on June 1, 2018 (Friday).
JASSO's criteria

9.IMPORTANT: Travel Insurance Requirements:
All participants are required to arrange travel insurance in their home countries before departing to Japan.
Students who arrive at Okayama University without proper insurance, are required to purchase Okayama university co-op insurance before attending the summer program. (Approximately 5,000 JPY for premium and 4,000JPY for membership deposit. Cash only)
Co-op insurance
10.How to Apply:
Students may apply for this summer school through the following web site.

The application deadlines are:
First deadline: Feb 14, 2018 (Wednesday)
Second deadline: March 7, 2018 (Wednesday)
NOTE: Depending on the number of successful course applicants, an additional deadline will be announced in the middle of March.
** The application for JASSO scholarships will be closed as soon as the required number of recipients has been reached.

The following two documents are required. Please scan them and attach PDF files with your application.
1. Current Enrollment Certificate
2. Academic Transcript

11.Application Acceptance Result
The application acceptance results will be announced as follows:
First period: March 1, 2018 (Thursday)
Second period: March 22, 2018 (Thursday)
Note: an additional application period may be announced in the middle of March.
** We will also inform students of their nomination for JASSO scholarship candidacy if they are found to be eligible and qualified. Prompt application is highly recommended since the total number of scholarship recipients is limited.

An entry visa to Japan is needed for students from certain countries. As soon as selection results are determined, related visa documents will be sent to the person-in-charge at your university. Students should apply for their visas at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.

Should you have any questions, please contact the following person:
     Contact : Mike Kitatsugi (NTA Business Support)
Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd
Okayama Branch, Chu-shikoku Convention Group
2-1-7,Ekimae-cho,Kita-ku, Okayama, 700-0023 Japan
Direct : +81-90-8129-7623 FAX : +81-6-4796-3737

 Regarding academic matters:
Summer Program Office
     Mariko Uzuka, professor
Okayama University
Center for Global Partnerships and Education,